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*Eminem and Hailie Jade*


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.                                   *  Hailie Jade's Biography  *             
Hailie Jade was born on December 25th!When Hailie Jade was first born she lived with Kim on the other side of Detroit so Eminem only got to see her sometimes, this was mainly because Kim and Marshall used to fight and argue. But not long after Kim and Hailie moved back in with Marshall. Hailie and her dad have such a strong relationship and it shows whenever Eminem talks about her in his rhymes or ininterviews.       

In 2002 Eminem recorded the “Eminem show” and yes this album featured Hailie jade on the last track before the skit. The song is named “my dad’s gone crazy” When Eminem came up with the idea to feature Hailie in his upcoming album, Hailie jumped at the idea and while they where recording Hailie yelled “some body please help me, I think my dad’s gone crazy” that’s when Eminem said “Hailie what did you say? that’s when Eminem came up with the idea of adding that in his song. The Eminem show also has a song on it called “Hailie’s song” it is a song all about, and dedicated to Hailie Jade. The rest of the album, Hailie’s name is mentioned throughout most songs. Marshall’s latest album is Encore and Hailie mite not feature on it but there’s a special song about her and Alaina it’s called Mockingbird a film clip was recently made featuring baby pictures and video clips of hailie and alaina together. It also features Hailie having a birthday party, celebrating Christmas and having fun with Kim and Eminem. The song mockingbird is more of a comforting song to make Hailie feel better, because her mommy is in jail Also to help explain who Alaina is and what she means to Marshall. Eminem also mentions in the song that he will always be there for her and that momma’s goanna be alrite. And of course in each of the other songs featured on the album nearly everyone of them mention Little Hailie Jade. In 2003 Kim gave birth to Whitney. She apparently got pregnant while Eminem was doing a tour. At that time Kim got back together with Eminem and was also living with Eminem in his house. Eminem got back to Michigan and when found out, kicked Kim out. Kim now is living with Eric, the father of her two year old child Whitney. Eminem wrote about this in his song “drips” and can be found on the “Eminem show“. Early 2004 Kim was sentenced to jail, over drug charges. Kim was selling 25mg of cocaine, her hotel was raided and she was arrested. While this happened Eminem was doing a Europe tour so Hailie was fostered out but Eminem straight way flew out and got full cousdy of Hailie. Eminem is not just a full time father to Hailie Jade but to Alaina as well. In 2003, when Kim and Em got back together they apparently adopted out Alaina.

Alaina is Kim’s sisters child, Hailie’s cousin and Em and Kim’s niece.

Now that Kim is in Jail he is the legal garden and Fulltime dad for both daughters (well he thinks of Alaina as his own “Em mentions it in the lyrics of mockingbird“) Eminem also takes care of Whitney, he is not a fulltime parent to her just in spear time helps out. Hailie Jade also has a cat named Tiger. Some of the things Hailie enjoys doing today are watching cartoons with her dad, drawing playing with Tiger and hanging with her father Marshall in the recording studio.

In Late 2005, Eminem and Kim got back together and Kim now lives with Eminem along with Hailie Jade, Alina and Whitney. On the 14th of January 2006 Eminem and Kim exchanged volves and got married again.


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