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*Eminem and Hailie Jade*


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Kim Ann Scott

Eminem and Kim are remarried ! 2006- !! congradulations em and kim!!!

Kimberly ann Scott was born on the 9th of January 1975. Her parents are Kathy Scott. Kim’s father is unknown. Kim also has a twin sister named Dawn Scott. When Kim and Dawn where only thirteen they both ran away together. They stayed with Marshall at Marshall house with Debbie. At that time Kim and Marshall where only friends and where not dating. Not long after Marshall and Kim started dating. At one time at that point Marshall left home and for a while was living with Kim at Kim’s house, with Kim’s mom. In 1995 Kim gave birth to Hailie Jade. Not long after they got married but after all the make ups and brake ups they got divorced. But not too long later they made up. Kim moved back in with Marshall, so did Hailie and Aliana. Kim and Marshall tried for a baby, rumour was that Kim got pregnant but miss carried. In 2003 Eminem went on tour and left Kim, Hailie and Alaina behind at his house. That was the time Kim had an affair with Eric. Kim got permanent and when Eminem got back to Detroit he found out, he kicked Kim out. Kim took Aliana and hailie with her. Kim gave birth to a girl named Whiney. A year later Kim got court on cocaine charges. Kim is now serving her time in jail. Eminem has full cousdy of Alaina and Hailie Jade. Whitney lives with Eric but sometimes Eminem minds Whitney.

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