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*Eminem and Hailie Jade*


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"Its almost like you sisters now!''


Alaina Marie Scott*..*

"WOW!, guess you pretty much are!" ..
"And, daddy's still here!" ....
"Lainie! Im talkin' to you to! Daddy's still here!"
"I like the sound of that,.. Yeah. Its got a ring to it. dont it?"
"SShh... momma is only gone for the moment!"

Amanda Marie Scott was born on the 3rd of May 1993. Amanda’s parents are Dawn Scott and her father is unknown. Amanda is also know as Amy or Alaina. Alaina has a twin brother, just like how her mother has a twin. Alaina’s brother is named Adam, he was borne handy caped because Dawn was on drugs while be pregnant with him. Adam was given away at birth to his fathers side of the family and Alaina stayed with her mom Dawn and Dawn’s side of the family. Aliana has never met her twin brother, alaina also has another brother named PJ, PJ lives with Dawn and her boyfriend. Aliana never lived her mom, she used to live with Dawns mom and after Kim and Eminem had Hailie, Kim and Eminem decided to forester her out. Dawn at one stage moved in with Eminem, Kim, Hailie and Dawn but that was before PJ was born. Alaina is like a sister to Hailie vice versa. The two both go to Cherokee elementary. In 2002 Eminem and Kim adopted Alaina out. Alaina now lives with Eminem and Hailie Jade, Kim is in jail so Eminem has full custody


"Lainie i am talking to you to"
*                                   *
*                       *                            *                              *                     

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